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Our aim is to deliver knowledge to everyone it may be free or in the form of fee. It depends upon that our tutor that will be register in this site help you about study in free of cost or demand for some charges.
Our website will be very helpful for the tutor to get registration free and upload your study material here. So the every student of our country will be educated and if you want to earn money then contact to the students for fee charges.
All students also can get registration here for study. We will upload data about School, College and University level.

Our education system

As we all of know that our education system is not very good. There are many reasons, some will be discuss here.

School Level

When we take admission in School first time then we learn Alphabet, Counting, some fruits name, vegetables name, name of body parts, Colors name and some general knowledge etc. But when we promote from 5th class to 6th Class we have to learn All the books English, Urdu, Math, Islamiat, Social Study, General Science and in the 7th, 8th class some Schools have subject about agriculture, Home economics. 

When we get admission in 9th Class if we have to choose science subject then we have to read Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Computer Science  and math as compulsory subject.

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