History of computers and technology

History of computers and technology The detail and history of computers and technology is given below Where Did Computers Originate Computers were invented by a man named Thomas Watson. He was born in 1874, and he lived during the Victorian era. In the early 1900s, he founded a company called IBM. During World War II, …

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what companies are in financial field today?

what companies are in financial field today? It is a question that what companies are in the finance field The financial services industry is a major global industry, responsible for the management of money and investments. It includes some of the world’s largest companies in terms of assets and revenues, as well as a wide …

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teen jobs near me

teen jobs near me Latest jobs for teens, Firstly, we will discuss about teen age this age starts from thirteen (13) years to nineteen (19) years, this age is also called turning point of all life goals. In this age a boy/girls decide that which type of goal they want to achieve. Our respected sir …

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